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    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the research and development of general intelligent high-speed machine vision platforms and the production of parts. And complete solutions are widely used in electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, robotics, packaging, logistics, intelligent transportation, food, biology, medical and other industries.

    The company's main business: plane light source, parallel light source, ring light source, bar light source, high-brightness bar light source, dome light source, coaxial light source, point light source, AOI light source, square light source, line scan light source, OTP light source, automatic correction light source Such as the standard light source, and the original ultra-thin 1m x 1m large-area flat light source. The company can...

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    We serve you wholeheartedly, good quality is your choice

    Automation equipment application scheme

    Industrial vision inspection light source, automatic inspection light source for machinery and equipment, special light source for industrial robots, microscope lighting, light source for... More>>

      We serve you wholeheartedly, good quality is your choice

      Years of experience in the machine vision light source industry

      Professional machine vision light source manufacturer around you

      Committed to the development and production of machine vision products, with many years of industry experience, we provide you with cost-effective light source solutions.

      The company has established a wealth of sample supply warehouses and professional laboratories, and has multiple automated production lines and multi-application automated equipment.

      • Powerful manufacturer
      • On-demand customization
      • Quality Assurance
      • Perfect after-sales
    • Machine vision light source customization expert

      Lishuai, large plane, ultra-thin, super-large, 95% uniformity

      • Variety of models

        For different application scenarios and different tested objects, provide a variety of models, currently covering thousands of models
      • Flexible structure design

        When using light sources with different structures or shapes for uniform detection objects, the resulting image effects vary greatly
      • Quick response

        Considering the capacitive and inductive properties of the LED light source, the average response speed is within 10 microseconds
      • Non-custom standard

        Imported energy-saving chips are used to accurately restore the true color of the object, and the light source can be customized according to the light-emitting angle


    We serve you wholeheartedly, good quality is your choice

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