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  • AC Constant-current Digital Controller (PDC)

    AC Constant-current Digital Controller (PDC)

    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd


    PDC series control units are constant-current system, for the high power LED light units.

    1. Product features

    The PDC series automatic calibration control units are driven by constant current and used for high power LED light fixtures. A single channel of the control unit is able to load up to 100W of power. The digital display on the control unit makes it easy to check the settings. The PDC series control units have the functions of triggering, constant lighting, strobe, dual channel independent output and simultaneous control 2 light fixture. The unique GX16 aviation port enhances the stability and reliability of the signal transmissions between the control units and the light fixtures. PDC-2A is able to adjust the color temperature. The operation panel is lockable, and data can be stored after power off.

    2. Naming rule

    Complete model

    Abbr. Model





    3. Product specifications

    Model name



    Input voltage/Frequency

    AC 100~240V 50/60HZ

    Lighting method

    Continuous lighting/Strobe lighting

    Number of channels

    2 channels

    Drive method

    Constant-current system

    Rated capacity

    300W max (30W max per channel)

    Lighting mode setting


    Lighting mode setting

    0~999 Level

    Color temperature adjustment availability



    Output connector

    (48V LIGHT ) GX16 4-pin

    Trigger connector

    (TRIG IN ) Parallel communication connector DC3-8/2.54

    External control connector


    PWM frequency

    150 KHz

    Applicable light units

    Lighting with input DC48V, Constant-current system

    Operating temperature and humidity

    Temperature: 0 to 40°C,Humidity: 20% to 85% (with no condensation)

    Cooling method

    Forced air cooling

    Installation method

    Naturally placed/DIN rail installation

    Material and surface processing

    Aluminum alloy, surface electrophoresis


    1.1 Kg

    Included accessories

    AC power cord 1.2m, Instruction manual

    4. Service


    a.DC extension cord

    c.External trigger cable

    b.AC power cord

    d.Communication Cable




    a.Communication Cable, DC extension cord, External trigger cable, length can be customized

    b.Output and input interface can be customized

    c.Power/Voltage can be customized


    One-year warranty and technical support

    5. Dimensions (mm)


    PDC-2A Front view


    PDC-2A Side view


    PDC-2 Front view


    PDC-2 Side view

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