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  • Committed to becoming an excellent domestic supplier of machine vision products

    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd

    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional company specializing in the research and development of general intelligent high-speed machine vision platforms and the production of parts. And complete solutions are widely used in electronics manufacturing, automobile manufacturing, robotics, packaging, logistics, intelligent transportation, food, biology, medical and other industries.

    The company's main business: plane light source, parallel light source, ring light source, bar light source, high-brightness bar light source, dome light source, coaxial light source, point light source, AOI light source, square light source, line scan light source, OTP light source, automatic correction light source such as the standard light source, and the original ultra-thin 1m x 1m large-area flat light source. The company can customize light source products of different sizes and requirements for customers according to customer needs.

    The company has its own brand "NUMETHOD", and also provides customers with OEM and ODM services. Hope that through our unremitting efforts, the company will be built into a high-quality machine vision product supplier, to solve the visual lighting needs of customers, and provide complete optical solutions.

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    company culture

    People-oriented, quality first

    Adhering to the talent work tenet of "respecting the value of people, developing people's potential, and sublimating people's soul", Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology has been built into an organization that embraces all rivers. In this organization, ordinary people become excellent people. People become outstanding people, and a steady stream of people are here to realize their dreams in life.

    Cultivating and fostering a team of talents with a sense of mission and responsibility to support the realization of strategic goals is the continuous pursuit of talents of Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology.

    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd. cares for employees from life, emotion and growth.

    Yuyao Lishuai Machine VISION Technology Co., Ltd. cherishes their inner dreams and pursuits, because dreams are more energetic, more creative, and more propelled beyond other organizations and individuals to achieve the sublimation of self.

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